ATM machine benefits

When your customers need to get cash, where do they go? Whether you are in the convenience store, grocery or hospitality industry, an ATM is an essential part of your profit equation.

People do not go to banks and stand in line to get cash the way they used to; instead, they look for retail locations that have ATMs. Owning your own ATM cash machine is like having another profit center in your business.

Increased customer traffic
According to the Retail Banking Research, 52 percent of all ATMs in the United States are privately owned machines located in retail establishments. Those ATMs process billions of transactions per year. Customers who need cash will look for your ATM sign and come into your business.
Increased sales
Now that more customers are coming to your store to use your ATM, many of them will spend some of the cash they withdraw in your business.
Reduced credit-card fees
More of your customers will withdraw money from your ATM and pay you with cash instead of a credit card. By increasing the number of cash transactions and reducing the number of credit-card transactions you have every month, you will pay less in processing fees. Most customers reduce their monthly credit-card processing fees by an average of 30 percent.
Surcharge revenue
Every time a customer uses your ATM, you receive a transaction fee, or “surcharge”, of about $2.88.* The average ATM Network customer earns around $400 a month this way; some higher-traffic locations earn thousands.
Customer Retention
When a customer is at your business, they may or may not have the cash on hand to make a purchase. If they don't, and there's no ATM in your building, they must leave to find cash. This creates an opportunity for the customer to change their mind and decide not to return to make the purchase. Having a convenient ATM in your building will prevent customers from leaving to gather the funds necessary to make a purchase.
*The surcharge amount is decided by you, and varies by region. The national average is $2.88, per RBR Retail Banking Research data.